MPEG-4 170 New Channels On DD Direct Plus - Coming Soon

To avoid this, Doordarshan has decided to introduce all the 170 new channels on the more bandwidth efficient MPEG-4.
Doordarshan reckons that the existing 80 channels retained on MPEG-2 and all future channels on MPEG-4 will accommodate the projected 250 FTA channels, with the probable requirement of just 1 more Ku Band transponder on the INSAT-4A satellite.
This will open up a huge market for import and supply of MPEG-4 satellite receivers that will be required by end December 2011. The MPEG-4 satellite receivers can also receive MPEG-2 transmissions, enabling users to receive all the channels on DD Direct+.

  • 80 Existing Channels Remain On MPEG-2
  • 170 New Channels On MPEG-4
  • Transmissions Continue From INSAT-4A
  • Private Sector To Operate & Maintain The Service, On Contract


Doordarshan with its high public sector overheads has realised that its costs to operate and maintain DD Direct+ are steep. As a result, it has taken a decision to contract out the operation and maintenance of DD Direct+ to a private sector operator. This will most probably be an existing private sector DTH platform, since they already have the necessary expertise.
Bids will soon be invited, and the contract is likely to be finalised before end 2011.