How to improve Traffic on your Blog, Website and Business Site

How to improve Traffic on your Blog, Website and Business Site

Do you want increase Blog traffic for your earning and your business? I am sharing you my own success. So start a blog,

Watch it then quite office life, sit at home and live of the advertising revenue. it will not profitable in first 6 month According experienced bloggers.
You can also earn thousand or dollars each month... Here is way to start a blog and turn traffic to your site so that you can earn as wish as you want.
Here are some tips how to improve blog traffic and how to start blog.

1- Choose a topic for your blog - : 
Of course, it's best if you love something other people also love, such as politics, IT industry or celebrities etc. "All Blogs have the potential to create revenue, but the more popular ones are tech and product-focused, versus ones that are just a 'day in the life of,'" says Farnoosh Torabi , You're So Money  author and senior correspondent for TheStreet.com .
You can choose topic which you love most or you have interest more because you become expert in blog topic. User can find your blog easily or maybe they ask question about his problems.

2- Create traffic - :
If you want gain your blog traffic then you will have to fill your entire book with quality content and updating that content daily. So that readers can visit time to time on your website. And they can remember a name of your blog.
Advertisers usually pay a rate based on every 1,000 page views, explains Torabi. On blog you should have Quality title and quality content so that reader can stay on your blog minimum 5 minutes. My successes for continuing to publish unique articles that help people change their lives for the better. Now getting around 2 million visitors a month and my monthly revenue is in the five figures.

3- When should monetize your site - :
When you're starting to monetize your blog by ad-sense, then you should update your website in every hour. Because some person recommends that wait until you have 100,000 page views a month, because before that, any monetization will just make "coffee money."

4- Winning competition - :
Blogging is not exactly a get-rich scheme, as many bloggers point out because most of bloggers earn less than a dollar per day. So it means there is a big competition in blogging and everywhere. So it's depends what type of quality content you have in your blog so that readers can stay on your blog.
Many of the bloggers who do earn money are working full-time hours, or longer. Silicon Valley Blogger at Digerati Life  works at least 40 hours a week and earns between $3,000 and $5,000 a month, which means she earns around $25 an hour—a rate she hopes to improve in the future

5- Start Strong - :
According to many successful bloggers, first six month is not enough to earn money. After six month you can start earn money start from $1.00 then you will improve. "The first six months are the hardest because you have to work hard to get your blog noticed," says McCoy.
6- Start SEO for Blog - :
SEO means Search engine optimization for your blog or website. SEO is most important part for improve your blog traffic. You can submit your blog link to other blog directory. You can also leave comment on their blogs. So first you will have to find similar sites as you have blog because readers have interest in same contents.