Pakistani Households buying Indian DTH connection illegally

Pakistani Households buying Indian DTH connection illegally

In Pakistan, many peoples or Households in Pakistan that are buying illegal subscriptions in the Lahore area from the Indian DTH providers, and illegally transfer money through ATMs in Bihar and the adjoinding areas.

Set top box and Dish's needed for these services are easily available in  pakistan Lahore for a few thousand Rupees.

Due to the increase in sale of LED and LCD tvs in Pakistan, there is also an increase in the demand of High Definition content. There is no conventional TV content available in Pakistan which is suitable to the demand, and that’s the reason for the rising demand of DTH in Pakistan. There are no operators in Pakistan with DTH content at the moment and so the people are turning to Indian alternatives.

It has also been reported in the Indian news paper called ‘The Telegraph’ earlier that the money deposited in the bank accounts of the local Bihar people and the adjoining districts is withdrawn from ATM’s and used to purchase coupons for the DTH services like Dish TV or TATA Sky etc.