Two New Chinese News Channels For Australia

GLOBECAST AUSTRALIA will launch new channels "CNC chinese and "CNC World" on thier Direct to Home platform Optus D2.


Part of the CNC TV platform, the Mandarin and English CNC channels will give Australian viewers access to current international and Chinese news, via Xinhua News Agency’s 200+ global news reporting centres. China’s Xinhua News Network Corporation (CNC) was formed in 2009 and is now broadcast in over 70 major cities around the globe.

Two New Chinese News Channels For Australia
CNC Network

With close to 60 channels covering Australia and New Zealand, GLOBECAST AUSTRALIA’s Optus D2 platform is the country’s premium foreign language and religious broadcasting bouquet. As demand continues to grow for content from the Asian region, and with the third highest number of new migrants to Australia from China, CNC will fulfill a growing demand for the country’s news and culture.

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