Dish TV voted as India's Most trusted DTH Brand

Dish TV voted as India's Most trusted DTH Brand

" It has bee a great achievement for the brand as our liability quotient has transitioned into faith entrusted in us by dish tv consumers."

Asia's largest direct to home service provider has been voted as the 'Most Trusted Brand' by Trust Research Advisory(TRA) in their report 'Brand Trust Report-2014'.


Mr. Salil Kapoor, COO, Dish TV India said, “We are honored to be recognized as India’s most attractive DTH brand and extend our thanks to all our valued subscribers. These awards demonstrate how customers appreciate the prodigious quality and value of Dish TV as a brand thus reflecting our incredible competitive strength. This success is a result of the consistent efforts of our team and Dish TV’s unswerving customer centric approach. Such acknowledgment of our efforts rouses us to move forward with a resilient zeal and enthusiasm.”

Dish TV voted as India's Most trusted DTH Brand
Dish TV

On the occasion, Mr. N. Chandramouli, Chief Executive Officer, TRA (Trust Research Advisory) said,“Being featured among India’s Most Attractive Brands says a lot about the brand. Having high attractiveness goes beyond physical attractiveness alone and it indicates that the brand exerts a powerful, intangible force, which exerts an invisible, overwhelming pull, which subliminally, but irresistibly draws audiences towards itself.”
The results are based on a primary survey conducted with 3000 consumers across 16 cities based on matrix of 36 brand attractiveness traits. It has sought to capture 'attractiveness' by first instituting an 'attraction quotient' made up of 36 traits under four large appeal sets - the rational, the emotional, the aspiration and communication.Being ranked number one among the DTH brands in India, Dish TV reaffirms its strong hold in the DTH market and is poised to grown even further.