Buy and Purchase C-Band / ku Dual Band LNB for Free To Air TV Channels

Do you want purchase C-Band LNB or C-Band/Ku-Band LNB. Now we will tell you no need find anywhere or internet. you can purchase online and you can do payment via ATM Debit card or Credit card or Internet Banking. you will receive your LNB within 7 days at your door.

We are doing deal on 
  • C-Band LNB
  • C-Band/Ku-Band LNB
  • Ku Band LNB
  • Free to Air Mpeg-2 or mpeg-4 Satellite Receivers.
  • Diseqc switch for add more than one LNB
  • and others.

Please contact me for puchase these items or other satellite equipments. our contact email is "esolution2010@live.com or you can contact me via phone# +91-8010205148

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Buy OpenBox S11 Receiver (Skybox)  
(Internet, CC-Cam, Recording, HD, MPEG-4, DVS-S2)
Buy Openbox S10 Receiver
(Internet, CC-Cam, Recording, HD, MPEG-4, DVS-S2)
Buy Openbox S9 Satellite Receiver
(Internet, CC-Cam, Recording, HD, MPEG-4, DVS-S2)
Buy Solid HDS2-2100 MPEG-4 DVB-S2 HD Receiver
(Recording, HD, MPEG-4, DVS-S2)
Buy C-Band 8ft Dish
(Solid and net with high quality materiel)
Buy Dual Band LNB
(C-Band with Ku-Band)
Buy C-Band LNB
(Dual Polarization, H and V)
Buy Ku-Band LNB
(Use for Small Dish's, as DD direct plus, dish TV, D2h, ADTV, Big TV etc.)

Payment Method:- 

We accept Direct Deposit/Check/Direct Cash, Please contact us for payment at              +91- 9990993455      . Please contact only serious buyers.    

Return Policy:-

 We accept Return within 5 days from Date of Delivery and you have to pay return fees. Refunded amount will be send via Check/Direct deposit/ online Transfer. Item is 100% Tested our self so it is open box not seal pack. (25% Restocking fees if item is not defective)
 we also have Free to air Ku band LNB and S10, S11, S9 Receivers  with MPEG-4/DVS-2/HD/CARD Slot/Internet Access Recording etc. Features.

Note:- This item is not from India so Delivery time may be different 2-3days, 7-8 days or some times 14-15 days.