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Over the past 4 years, DTHNews.com has grown tremendously – It is not only a blog even we are a community of Direct to home service lovers.

DTHNews.com is written by Pradeep Tomar, IT professional since 2010. I have been decided to be an entrepreneurship in internet world to share my experience, and gain my knowledge, and find information worldwide related DTH, History, Television, Politics, Start-ups, Blogging, and Internet Marketing etc.

About my Interests: As visible from my blogs, that I am passionate about to post and learn information in DTH, Cable TV, entrepreneurship, eCommerce, Blogs/website, and Start-ups. Other than that my interests include keeping in touch with the latest happenings in the field of Games, Politics, and History and off-course technology.

About DTHNews.com
This blog is totally related to the Indian DTH service and some information about worldwide dth service. This website started about 2 years ago and successfully gaining its readers every month and every day. DTH News always posts positive information of each and every DTH service. . We always give value to the reader’s feedback.

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DTHNews.com does not have any list of recognition like some Top or "A" grade bloggers. But in 2-3 years we have increased our readers by about 200% every month.

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