Now Spectranet Broadband Provide 4 Mbps to 6 Mbps Speed for Home Users

Source:-  www.spectranet.com

It's biggest news for Spectranet Broadband users. Now spectranet Broadband providing 4- 6 MBPS internet speed to home and company users. It means now you can browse internet very very faster at without limit. See Blow plans

Plans Details
**Quick Duo 4MB Day/6MB NightData transfer6GB15GB25GB50GB
Plan NameBandwidth30 Days90 Days180Days365 Days
**Express Duo-1mbps/3mbps1 mbps Day/3 mbps Night(Unlimited)199954991049919990
**Express Duo- 1mbps/2mbps1 mbps Day/2 mbps Night mbps (Unlimited)14994125787514990
**Express-1 mbps1 mbps (Unlimited)999275052509990
Express-768 kbps768 kbps (Unlimited)799220042007990
Express-512 kbps512 kbps (Unlimited)699192536756990
Express-384 kbps384 kbps (Unlimited)599165031505990
Express-256 kbps256 kbps (Unlimited)499137526254990
Night Only-512 kbps512 kbps (Unlimited@Night)399110021003990
**Quick Duo 1mbps/3mbps1 mbps Day/3 mbps Night
(# 12GB)
**#Quick Duo 1 mbps/2 mbps1 mbps Day/2 mbps Night
(# 8GB)
**Quick Duo 512 kbps/1mbps512 kbps Day/1 mbps Night
(# 5GB)
Quick -384 kbps384 kbps (# 5GB Day / Unlimited @ Night)449122523504490
Quick-256 kbps256 kbps (# 5GB)399110021003990
Day timings 6:00 am to 9:00 pm
Night timings 9:00pm to 6:00 am
# Data Transfer limit per 30 Days.
** Available in select areas.
Terms & Conditions:
  • Each Pack has validity defined in terms of months, data transfer. The Pack expires on expiry of any of the validity parameters.
  • The above mentioned prices are applicable only in Delhi/NCR.
  • Data transfer is calculated as a total of “Upload + Download”. However the download Speed may vary depending upon the application used.
  • Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
  • All unlimited plans are governed by fair usage policy.