RBI Closed all Outside Business of India by PayPal

It is very Bad news for Indian Internet Business or Freelancer that they will not allow to send and pay money from his paypal account. RBI Sent a latter to paypal about new policy.
If you have online website or any marketing business now you will not able to pay. My one of Friend is very sad he said…
” My all internet business has been stoped. He have eBay account and My earning was 65000/- per month but now I am not able to purchase from China, I have closed my eBay store and going to find new Job. I also have website and i need pay bill of Domain and hosting but my paypal account is not allowing me so now I can say that RBI taken my all business and my good life. Now i can say that nobody can’t progress in INDIA due to Bad policy and corruption. I belive that if I didn’t get any job then i will kill myself.  and for all corrupt Indian Government and Reserve Bank of India responsible for all. I have also sent email to president of India and RBI but no response”
I think this is not story of a person RBI closed all doors for us. Everybody knows that now days internet is a big platform for business but Indian Government and Reserve Bank of India don’t want progress of country. I also had one shopping website online where i was selling products from China but now i did shutdown.
So We all are doing Request to Indian Government and RBI please think about that and please allow to PayPal so that we can pay for website and for Internet business. 
It’s really sad that Paypal is not even responding its customers queries!! 
Himanshu Said...
Indian market will be ruined ! .Ebay’s business will go down drastically and ultimately paypal will have to shut itself down.. I run a website with 200k members and i have already advised all of them to use LR money bookers,or alertpay
Ashok Said..
In fact RBI and the corrupt government intended to deceive Supreme Court of India to by providing mis-leading facts, to show that they are serious about money laundering and to safeguard the black money in foreign banks. Instead of acting on big alligators they are acting upon small entrepreneurs.
We are doomed, thanks to you RBI.We are going to dead:X