Watch FTA Channels Through C-Band Dish, Free to air channels c band india

Do you want catch free to air channels from sky ?? yes you can, you just need to install c-band or ku band dish.

if you will install ku band dish than you can get channels from instat 4b (dd direct plus channels), Nss6 (dishtv fta channels) etc. But if you will install ku band dish than you will get channels only from indian satellites. i don't think that you will receive from other ku band satellites. so if you want more free to air channels from worldwide satellite than i will suggest you C-band larger dish.

C-band dish size start from 6ft, 8ft, 12ft, 18ft or 24ft. that means larger dish can catch more satellite with alignment.

C Band dishes are much larger than Ku Band dishes used for DTH. C-Band uses 3.7-4.2GHz for downlink and 5.925-6.425Ghz for uplink. The lower frequencies used by C Band perform better under adverse weather conditions than the Ku band or Ka band frequencies. However they are affected by terrestrial interference like Wimax, High tension lines etc.

Dish Type:

If you want to install own c-band free to air system yourself, there are mainly two types of dishes for use.The first one is the parabolic dish antennae with a prime focus and the other one is the offset antennae, A prime focus antennae is a parabolic dish which concentrates the reflected signals to it’s exact focus, Here the feed horn is mounted at the focus of the parabola,Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, However if you want to use an offset dish with c-band , You will need a conical scalar ring and matching feed horn, Moreover prime focus dishes are simpler to construct and usually less complicated than offset dishes.

Prime Focus 6ft Dish

Offset Dish (90 cm)

Install your dish:-

first you have to decied that what satellite you want catch. because once you will put frequecny of your satellite that will show "No Signal".

so check your satellite from http://www.lyngsat.com/ and install your dish by moviing.

Choose LNB or LNBF

There are different types of lnbs , The standard Lnb has to be mated with a feedhorn, There are lnbs integrated with a feedhorn, These are popular and known as lnbf.

1.Standard lnb, Usually single polarity,(Either H or V)

2.Standard lnb,(dual pol)

2. C/KU combo lnbf

Dish Equipments

DISEQC switch :

A DISEQC (Digital satellite equipment control) switch is used for getting signals from more than one dish/lnb to one receiver.


Now a days receiver models are available in the market.

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