Payment Gateway for eBay, Accept Credit card and Debit card via Internet merchant account

This is the big question for everyone that ..

can they accept payment directly from customer without paypal, suppose if your paypal account is blocked and now you want sell something on eBay or want small business on ebay then you will think about this problem.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

I think here is a best way without using paypal you can accept all payments. Sellers can accept credit card payments to their Internet merchant account directly through eBay checkout by providing their payment gateway account information. This is a free service for eBay sellers. you can accept payment directly. Payments are securely and instantly processed online from eBay checkout through your payment gateway. Sellers receive an email telling them they've been paid and they know they can ship the item.

No need register to buyers and no need to pay any checkout fees. Your merchant account is credited immediately after the buyer's card information is received and processed.

So first you need to register with an Internet merchant account with your bank or credit card processing company, and you need a payment gateway account. eBay will not charge you any checkout or payment transferring fees.However, your bank or merchant credit card processor and payment gateway provider may charge you per-transaction fee or other fees, and a percentage of the total amount charged by the buyer.

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