Watch Dhamaal Comedy TV Channel on insat 4A, launched by Shree Adhikari Brothers

Shree Adhikari Brothers bring again comedy channel as SAB TV.

..::  Welcome To Dhamaal Tv  ::..

Dhamaal TV Frequency

Insat 4A at 83.0°E

tp 3

about Dabangg TV

Dabangg, which is catering to the Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttaranchal regions. Dhamaal, which is focusing on Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh regions. Dhamakaa, which will cater to Gujrat.
Setting up three new channels in the midst of all this sound and fury may sound extreme, but Markand Adhikari, Vice-Chairman and Managing Director of Sri Adhikari Brothers Television Network Ltd. makes it seem simple. That is because of the twist to the tale which he believes will "revolutionise the television space".

About Shree Adhikari Brothers:

Sri Adhikari Brothers Group is a pioneer in the field of Indian Media and has gone through various stages of growth over the last 25 years. The stints that the group had in the past in the form of a production house and as a broadcaster are extremely valuable.

for more info visit http://www.dhamaal.tv/

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