Nokia 5230 Nokia 5233 Secret Codes

Here is some Secret codes of nokia phones if you have any problem with you software or your phone you can troubleshoot at your home. but it may be risky about your personal data so do back up and other work before trying these codes.

*#0000# – Shows software/firmware version. The latset Nokia 5230 firmware is v 12.0.089. Check the software version of yuor phone and if its not the latest one follow this Nokia firmware update tutorial.

*#06# – It tells the IMEI number of your Nokia 5230 mobile phone. The IMEI ( International Mobile Equipment Identity) number of each phone is different, its like finger print different for each and every mobile phone.

*#7780# – Soft Reset Code, It restores the factory setting without affecting your contacts, messages, files etc.It’ll ask for the lock code. The dafult lock code is 12345.

*#7370# – Hard Reset Code, on entering this code it’ll show you the same message “Restore all original phone settings” but this time it’ll erase all the data stored in the phone memory. So, use it only when some serious software problem occurs such as virus attack.Take phone meory data backup on memory card or PC before doing hard format.

*#2820# - Bluetooth device address for manually connecting to a bluetooth device.

*#92702689# – Life Timer, shows total outgoing call minutes till date.