11 New channels added on dd direct plus Service

Hey Friends !!

It's good news for all DD Direct Plus users.

New channels named enter 10 movies,sahara firangi,sahara samay,sahara aalami,day & night news,kaatyayani,zee salam are added on dd direct plus.now no more test channel exist.And the channels like amrita,Jay hind,mahua are Removed from DD platform because they didn't bid on auction.

Channels added:-

  1. Sadhana News
  2. Aastha Bhajan
  3. B4U Movies
  4. Sanskar.
  5. RK News (Sadhana), 
  6. Sahara Samay. 
  7. Enter 10 Movies, 
  8. TV 24, 
  9. Day& Night News. 
  10. Divya, 
  11. Katiani. 
  12. Sahara Aalmi (Urdu),
  13.  Sahara Firangi. 
  14. Zee Salaam
So please search your STB and get these channels. for more info please keep in touch or ask your question's via Comments.