Aastha Bhajan Now on DD Direct Plus, Aastha Bhajan now Free to air

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It is good news to all, now you can watch free to air channels on your dd direct plus. DD added new channels B4u Movies, Sadhana TV, Sadhana TV News, Sanskar Channels, Astha Bhajan. R K News.

About Aastha Bhajan

INDIA, BHARAT, is known world-wide as the highest seat of spiritualism, the source of all wisdom, the home of all knowledge, focusing on the elevation and awakening of the soul, the enhancement of the power within us.

Our existence comprises of a combination of the Panchtatva of nature: the sky- the soul, the wind- our breathing, the water- body liquids, the fire- our temper, sometimes cool, at times raging, and the earth- our body. The creation of harmony of the body and soul, by balancing these elements within us and around us, can be achieved only with understanding of spiritualism- by arousing the immense power within, for peace and tranquility of the mind and soul, to rise way beyond material existence.

AASTHA vividly portrays this strong heritage of India, for the upliftment of Human life in all its spheres.

Evolutionary Indian philosophy and culture in all spheres of life has substantially contributed to take mankind where it is today- and when the world is becoming compact, horizons of knowledge expanding, and Indians all over the world contributing their worthy mite in this revolutionary evolution; AASTHA aims at exposing and reminding people all over the world and more particularly the new generation of our strong roots to further reinforce our mettle.

AASTHA's chaste blissful viewing vividly portrays India's strong heritage, which has sustained and outlived various onslaughts while emerging stronger.

Aastha Television Channel is India's No. 1 Socio-Spiritual-Cultural Network, reaching over 30 million households, with more than 200 million viewers! Aastha caters to the vast Asian Indian populace worldwide – people who place socio-spiritual-cultural values above everything else. Aastha broadcasts programming in Hindi, Gujarati and English and contributes to the goal of satisfying the deep spiritual needs from the vast community of Indian people worldwide.

The channel has been added on the following Transponder.
TP Frequency – 10990
Polarization – Vertical
Symbol Rate – 27500
FEC – 3/4
Video-PID – 512
Audio-PID – 612

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