Satellite dB Meter, Sat Finder for install DTH system

Do you have problem when you are installing dish, We have solution for you. Sat Finder.

Install Dish in minutes and find new Satellites for New Channels, Most analog satellite finders are inexpensive devices which simply display the strength of the received signal. 
To use an analog satellite finder, you point the satellite dish and LNB to where you believe the satellite to be. You then take a reading on the satellite finder and adjust the satellite dish and LNB until you get the strongest reading possible.
  Satellite Signal Meter / Finder  is a satellite finder that helps make a precise dish set-up easy.  
Its ultimate sensitivity will indicate 0.2 dB level difference in 950 to 2400MHz.  

  • Built-In light and signal indicator
  • Uses power from receiver to power up
  • Ideal for satellite installations or to re-point your satellite dish
  • Pocket-size
  • User-friendly
Satellite dB Meter, Sat Finder for install DTH system

How to use Satellite dB Meter ?

Using a satellite signal finder / meter is simple.  We call these SF-95 signal meters an in-line meter.  Why?  Because as you can see in the diagram above, the meter is in the coaxial line between the satellite receiver and the dish / LNB.  The signal meter get's power from the satellite receiver, the same power that is used to give power to the LNBF in order for it to operate. 

You want to turn down the knob (counter-clockwise) on the front of the meter so that the signal indicating needle is balanced between 1 & 2.  Then start adjusting your dish until you get the signal locked in from the correct satellite.  Once you get the signal locked, the meter will buzz (tone) and go to 10.  Then turn down the knob some more so the needle goes back to 1 & 2 and adjust your dish slowly until you get more signal indication.  Keep repeating this step as needed until your satellite dish if fully peaked at the highest possible signal.

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