OpenBox S10 Clone is Dead ?? We have Solution for you.

My Friend using openbox S10 Satellite Receiver and today he updated Firmware, he got software/Firmware from Internet Sites. After some time he Restart his STB there was no Channel.

On The Screen Massage was showing that " This Box is clone !!!, Fake or wrong Chip ID FFFF etc. He shocked because Box has been died. He told me to do something.

I have Search in Google and found on solutions. I can update or Burn Software/Firmware again with the help of RS-232 Cable. So I have ordered Serial Cable DB9 male to male RS-232 from eBay and I checked my Laptop but there was no Serial Port. So I have used computer which have 9-Pin Serial Port (male). STB also have DB9 Male Port.

RS-232 Cable's connector should be same as given below image.

There is so many fraud on ebay so please confirm with him that connectors should same as above. I also got wrong Cable from eBay that was DB9 Male to DB9 Male Modem Serial Cable. It looks same but connector type  changes. So I have cutted Cable in the middle and change wires according to above image.

Now I got RS-232 Serial Cable for update software, Now I was needed Update Firmware Tool.

Please download here Update Firmware tool


Please Download here OpenBox S10 Clone Software

After Download tool, Unzipp in folders and open EROM software.

You will see given below Window

Connect Cable with computer Serial Port and also with STB, Then follow instructions.

Choose COM1
Highest Bit Rate.

then "Odd"

"Upgrade" then browse software file which you have downloaded. Press "Next"

Then you will see dowload window on Screen.

Ater there will come mssage " Are you sure  you want Burn File, All Date will be lost do Next'

So Press "Next"

After this process your box will reboot and Ready to Use.