Review - Digital Satellite Finder Signal Meter with Compass

Digital Satellite Finder can let you easy to find the satellite. The power can be provided by the satellite receiver.
 Export product with English Manual
  • Use LCD to display the satellite signal intensity
  • Built-in signal alert buzzer
  • The button can control LCD backlightbuzzer and set up attenuation function
  • DC pass to LNB
 Specifications :
  • Frequency Range: 950-2150MHz
  • Supply Voltage: 13-18VDC
  • Input Level Range: -40dBm~ -10dBm
  • Operating Temperature: 0°c ~ +40°c
  • Impedance: 75Ω
 Package included:
  • 1x Digital Satellite Finder Signal Meter
  • 1x English Manual 

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  1. how is this Digital satellite finder? if i am searching a particular satellite (Insat) signal via this then the signal of another satellite (measat) interfere it or not?

  2. what is the differences between DBC-SF-S/S2/D Digital DVB-S2 Satellite Finder and Digital Satellite Finder Signal Meter with Compass

  3. can we save signal of eurostar in this device.? pls reply urgent..

  4. Yes, you can save signals in Solid SF-309 and SF-385 Satellite Finder. Both are DVBS2 and HD Signal finder. Available on


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