MarginPrice providing top fta set-top boxes for Freedish / FTA channels

MarginPrice.com is India's fast growing ecommerce website providing top set-top box brand for free-to-air channels. Top brands available on Marginprice like SOLID, Pagariya, Yuki, 888 HD, Openbox etc.

Now a days many free-to-air TV channels available in open sky from DD Freedish, ABS Freeview (ABS Freedish), Temp. fta channels from various DTH services. These top brands are manufacturing high quality HD set-top boxes with live TV recording facility, satellite list, transponder list, dish motor setting etc.

You can connect these set-top boxes to your television set by using audio video cables (RCA Cables) and HDMI cables. Some set-top boxes are available with Dolby digital audio decoding to Dolby audio in HD channels.

To install free-to-air channels, you have to buy these set-top boxes and dish antenna including C-band and Ku-band satellite dish. You also need a LNB (low noise block filter) to receive signals directly from satellites.

DTH installation is not a hard process, you can buy satellite dB meter to install your FTA DTH system. Here are accessories which you need before installation:
Satellite dish (C-Band or Ku-Band)
LNB (Low Noise Block Filter)
FTA Set-top box including remote control and batteries
Wire (as per requirement)

If you want to know how to install settings in your freetoair set-top box - click here

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