New TV Channel :- Jinvani Channel Added on Videocon D2H

A great news for all our Jain brothers. It was much awaited channel from Jain Brothers because Another spiritual channel Jinvani ani tv added in ch# 684. Its still on Test Mode.

About Jinvani Channel :- 

Network - Sea TV Network Ltd.

India boasts of religious diversity. And Jainism is one of those ancient religions that have followers not only in India but worldwide. Its world-known philosophy of Ahimsa has moved the entire world. Jinvani, the world's first devotional channel dedicated to the core values of Jainism, tries to portray the same face of Jain religion. As the term 'Jinvani' implies, it is the holy words sermonized by the liberated souls of Jain religion, who went on to be branded as 'Jina' later on.

We, with 'Jinvani', have made a bid to take across the universe their preaching of non-violence, truth, compassion to all living beings and other equally significant traits of Jain religion. It is a delicious dish served on the spiritual platter meant not only for the Jain populace spread across the globe, but to the entire humankind. It aims at creating a world marked by peace and harmony, which has due space for everyone.

In today's era, teachings of Lord Mahavira carry utmost significance and need to be followed strictly if we have to get over all ill-practices in the human society. It is also a sincere attempt to induct true values of life into the generations to come. 

Jinvani is the first full-fledged Jain channel having its powerful presence in several countries and catering to millions of viewers worldwide. It offers variety of programme to its audience related to health, astrology, spirituality, sermons, pilgrimage and so on. It provides live coverage of all major Jain events taking place all over the country