How to increase Blog Traffic Free online

Do you want increase your website traffic fast ? yes you can do fast so first you will have to make strategy that what kind of site you have like blog, personal web, shopping website or company site.

You should choose all options given below...

Super Trageted responsive visitors
Sales pouring in
high quality inbound links
higher search engine rankings

The best free blog traffic strategies to increase your web traffic or at the very least, the most numerous ones.

It is very easy to increase traffic on your blog.

I've been blogging full time for about 3 years.I can tell you firsthand that the biggest problem most bloggers face (myself included) is publishing quality, relevant content on a consistent basis. No matter what your publishing schedule, it can be a real challenge to blog regularly and keep your readers engaged.

If you want to increase blog traffic, or web traffic to anything at all, guest blogging is quite simply the easiest and fastest way to do it. And it’s effective. It’s not just about getting traffic – guest blogging puts you in front of responsive readers.

I am talking that you will get traffic within 1 or two weeks, if you have opened new blog then you may wait till 6 Month. because in my blog in 6 month i have few visitors. and very few clicks in adsense ads. My earning was bleow $1. but after six month now I am getting up by search engines. I am doing Seo on My Blog as full time worker.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and most people freeze up the minute I mention it. But let me break it down for you in real simple terms…

You create a blog post or web page. You optimize it for a specific keyword phrase. You get inbound links to that page/post. It ranks well. People search for that phrase, click through and you have highly targeted traffic that was searching for exactly what you offer on that page.

How to start blogging..

First see in yourself what type of knowledge you have, which you can share with your Friend or online internet users. I also have page (pradeeptomar.com), I was cable operator in my City so i have all knowledge of Satellite Channels, Receptions, Satellite meter, receivers and how to install dish etc. so i decieded to share my knowledge by blogging. you can check blog traffic get up within months.

The way you get top rankings like mine is to get quality inbound links to your pages or blog posts. Quality being the key word. Links are valued by several variables including: keywords used in the Anchor Text, relevance of the page linking to yours, link placement – or the location of your link on that page.

So now if you're ready to blogging then you may have some question in your mind like - I am not a good writter, I don't know how to find this blog  I don’t know how to approach bloggers with my guest post. I’m afraid they’ll say no. I don’t even know where to start…

So don't worry just create your page and share your knowledge, if you're feeling week in your subject then you can find help to Google by googling. Just write your topic in your own word.

and you will see in within few months your page will be in rank.

Please let me know if I can help you anything.

Thank you