How to update software in OPTICUM X402p and OPTICUM X403p, Orton X403p ?

How to update software in OPTICUM X402p and OPTICUM X403p?

Receivers OPTICUM X402p i OPTICUM X403p offer possibility to upgrade software by USB storage
devices (such as USB flash disks and hard disks). USB device should be formatted to FAT32 or NTFS .
1. Unzip downloaded .zip file and copy it to main folder of USB device (without any subfolder)
2. Connect USB device to USB port in receiver.
3. Wait couple seconds for detecting device and displaying proper message on TV.
4. Press Menu on the remote, go to System-> Upgrade by USB

5. Choose upgrade file
6. Choose upgrade mode (recommended: all sw+bootloader)
7. Go to Start and press OK. Upgrade will start automatically and take 1-2 minutes.

Do not switch off power during software upgrade, it can seriously damage receiver!

8. Wait for finishing upgrade. After successful upgrade receiver will reboot and is ready to work.

After finishing upgrade it will be necessary to load new channels list or scan satellite again
and set up your antenna.