Specifications for Dual Band Satellite LNB ( C-Band + Ku-Band )

HD Ready Dual Band Satellite LNB ( C-Band + Ku-Band )

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This C/KU band LNB reception from this high gain, high stability, low noise C/Ku LNBF.  Uses 22KHz switching.  This LNBF can be used on 4DTV / 1080p by running two coaxes from the receiver to the LNBF
 Can be used with both C band and Ku band
C & Ku band LNBF can be used in all Over the world .
Receiving all single and dual polarized C-band and Ku-band satellite signals
Receiving horizontal and vertical signal
Excellent DRO and gain flatness
Qualified for working in harsh environments
Superior low noise performance

SpecificationsC-Band LNBKu-Band LNBF
Input Frequency Range3.4~4.2GHz10.7~11.7GHz
Input Reflector TypePrime FocusPrime Focus
F/D Ratio0.28~0.420.6
Conversion Gain65dB(Typ.)55dB(Typ.)
Gain Flatness±1.0dB/36MHz±4dB Over Band ±1dB/54MHz
Cross Pol. Isolation20dB(Typ.)20dB(Min.)
Image Rejection50dB(Min.)40dB(Min.)
L.O. Frequency5150MHz9750MHz
L.O. Stability
±1.0MHz@ 25°C
±2.5MHz@-40°C~ +60°C
±1.0MHz @25°C
±3.0MHz@-40°C ~ +60°C
L.O. Phase Noise
-60dBc/Hz(1KHz Offset)
-85dBc/Hz(10KHz Offset)
-95dBc/Hz(100KHz Offset)
-50dBc/Hz(1KHz Offset)
-75dBc/Hz(10KHz Offset)
-95dBc/Hz(100KHz Offset)
Output Frequency Range950 ~1750MHz950~1950MHz
Pout Power(at 1dB gain Compression)0dBM(Min.)0dB(Min.)
Return Loss Output10dB8.0dB(2.3:1)
Output Connector75Ω F-Type Female75Ω F-Type Female
Polarization selectionH:16~18V    V:12~14.5VH: 16~18V     V: 11~14V
DC Current Consumption100mA(Max.)100mA(Typ.)  120mA(Max.)
Operating Temperature-40°C~+60°C-40°C~+60°C