How to Boost C-Band and Ku-Band Signals easily and for forever

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if you're having low signal problem in your C-band dish and your tried so much with your dish and lnb but problem same.

if you're using 100ft cable from c-band dish to your set top box then cable will lose 30% gain. for Example if your lnb is getting 80% signals then your set top show 50%. if your lnb getting 50% signals then your set top box show 20% singals it means no channel at all.

Instead of settling for a mediocre satellite signal, give it a boost with an in-line should install an in-line amplifier to help ensure your C-band satellite signal retains its quality when it reaches its destination.

so there are so many way to increase your signals

1- Use Branded Diseqc Switch

Because bad switch will loss gain and it's affect to missing your transponders.

2- Use Branded Cable

Because Cables loss gain 10% to 40% in 100ft length, According to me, I will recommend Finolex Satellite Cable . There is only 5% loss in 100ft length.

3- Use in-line amplifier

Because This amplifier, amplify your signals and signals will increase 5 to 9 db.

I am using Finolex Satellite Cable with In-Line Amplifier so no gain loss. So no freezing in low signals. This is my personal experiment, I tried.


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  1. what is the price of In-Line Amplifier?

  2. I'm using Videocon d2h. As usual Ku band signal drops and lost during the rain. So is there any possibility to reduce this or is there anyway to get same signal from C band?

  3. Yes, you can use In line Amplifier, Available in Solid Brand also, I think this is available on

  4. you can also use Solid 80dB ku band lnb which will give you 20 dB extra satellite signal gain


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