How to Boost C-Band and Ku-Band Signals easily and for forever

Dear Friends,

if you're having low signal problem in your C-band dish and your tried so much with your dish and lnb but problem same.

if you're using 100ft cable from c-band dish to your set top box then cable will lose 30% gain. for Example if your lnb is getting 80% signals then your set top show 50%. if your lnb getting 50% signals then your set top box show 20% singals it means no channel at all.

Instead of settling for a mediocre satellite signal, give it a boost with an in-line amplifier.you should install an in-line amplifier to help ensure your C-band satellite signal retains its quality when it reaches its destination.

so there are so many way to increase your signals

1- Use Branded Diseqc Switch

Because bad switch will loss gain and it's affect to missing your transponders.

2- Use Branded Cable

Because Cables loss gain 10% to 40% in 100ft length, According to me, I will recommend Finolex Satellite Cable . There is only 5% loss in 100ft length.

3- Use in-line amplifier

Because This amplifier, amplify your signals and signals will increase 5 to 9 db.

I am using Finolex Satellite Cable with In-Line Amplifier so no gain loss. So no freezing in low signals. This is my personal experiment, I tried.