Install Dish TV Monoblock LNB in Simple Steps

1- First check if your dish is compatible with a MonoBlock. You should have an 80cm dish without multi feed adaptor.

2- Mount the MonoBlock properly on to the dish. It's very important that you mount the left device on the dish, if you stand behind the dish an look into the sky. The left eye should now be in the center of the dish. This points to NSS6 95°E

3- Now, set the correct DiEqC settings in all connected receivers. Most Monolock LNBs use DiEqC A/1 for NSS6 and DiEqC B/2 for Asiasat 5

4- Now align the dish to NSS6 95° E. First set the right elevation for your location. There are several websites to find out the proper elevation for your location. Then move the dish slightly from south to south-east until you have signal strength and signal quality on your receiver. You should find signal indicator in the same menu as you can set the DiEqC settings.

5- Get the best signal as possible. You should reach at least 80% signal strength and quality to get a good signal.

6- Now, if you found the satellites and have enough signal, you can do a channel scan on both satellites.

Trips and Tricks:
Cover the Asiasat LNB with aluminium foil during the alignment. This prevents that you point with the wrong Lnb to NSS6. After alignment was successful, remove the foil.

Source: wikihow.com