Teri Meri Love Stories - a collection of heartfelt stories- Coming Soon on Star plus

Teri Meri Love Stories, an upcoming show on STAR Plus is a collection of heartfelt stories of people who surrender to the pressures of life and are letting love fade. Knocking on their inward eye, the realization that comes with small incidents helps them rekindle love in their lives.

Each story shown is a depiction of the re-discovery and re-colouring of fading love or a missed opportunity to find love in the chores of modern day existence. The protagonists of each story are at various life set ups and this adds multiple dimensions to the meaning of love, such, that can be related to by all. Directed by big names like Rajan Shahi, Mohit Suri, Rohit Jugraj, Siddarth Sengupta etc, this is a portrayal of living a fast paced life in a metro in 2012.

With timelines and targets, career, day-to-day chores, fear of stepping out of comfort zones taking precedence, love and togetherness is usually taken for granted. Love is often overshadowed by the pressures of life and with the common human tendency of taking love or loved ones for granted, begins the battle that engulfs romance.

The interesting show is the need for a trigger to re-discover love. The trigger rekindles quiescent love ensuring that it finds its rightful place amidst the teeming weight of living in a fast city.

With Teri Meri Love Stories, starting 11th Aug, Sat-Sun at 9PM on STAR Plus, you can brace yourself for an all-new collection of telefilms, that are stories on re-discovering love, told with a strong background of music.