DD Direct Plus Adding 38 New Channels included 1 HD Channel

Expansion of Doordarshan’s DTH Platform DD Direct Plus from 59 to 97 TV Channels at Todapur, New Delhi

This project envisages expansion of Doordarshan's present DTH platform "DO Direct
Plus". The present DTH Platform is up-linking 59 TV channels, 22 Radio channels and
2 DWDS channels in "Free- To- Air" mode. The platform is proposed to be expanded to
carry 97 TV Channels (96 SO channels and I HD channel), 40 Radio channels and one
DWDS (Disaster Warning Dissemination System) Channel in each stream.

The present uplink has 5 streams in MPEG 2, DVB-S configuration. Out of the 5 streams, 3 streams
are carrying (13+ I) SO channels per stream and are equipped with Tandberg make
Compression equipment. The remaining 2 streams are carrying (10+ I) SO channels per
stream and are equipped with Scopus make Compression equipment.

 All the 5 streams are carrying 4 or 6 radio channels per stream at present. Stream 4 and 5 are also
carrying one DWDS channel each comprising of an audio channel along with
associated private data channel.

The Propesed new streams 4th, 5th, and 6th configuration shall be with the following configuration:-

1- The 4th stream shall carry 16 TV Channels in SD and radio channels, in MPEG-2 DVB-S technology.

2- The 5th Stream shall carry only 24 TV channels in SD and 8 Radio channels, in MPEG4 DVB-S2 technology.

3- The 6th stream shall carry 17 TV channels in SD and 1 TV channel in HD and 8 radio channels, or 24 SDTV channels if HDTV channel is not included in mpeg-4 technology.