Dish TV Diwali life Time Free offer for 4 Metro Cities Customers

Dish TV Diwali  life Time Free offer for 4 Metro Cities Customers

According to the recommendation by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), all cable MSO's are currently offering the basic tier of channels for Rs. 100 per month.

However, just like any other scheme, there are a few points to ponder for this one too. Firstly, the users will have to get their set top boxes recharged at least every six month with a minimum of Rs. 200. And secondly, Dish TV is considering period of five years as lifetime.


Q1. What is Lifetime Free TV?

Lifetime Free TV is an exclusive benefit by dishtv for customers buying new dishtv connection during Digitization in the 4 cities of 
Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata.
Under this offer, an active subscriber will continue to enjoy 70+ channels, irrespective of recharge

Q2. What is the benefit of Lifetime Free TV?

Typically, if a subscriber does not recharge his account, the TV goes blank. But Lifetime Free TV offers the convenience to enjoy 70+ channels for Lifetime even if an active subscriber forgets to recharge his account.

Q3. What time period does "Lifetime" connote?

Lifetime is defined as 5 years and this benefit will be applicable for 5 years from activation date.

Q4. Does this mean that my TV will never go blank?

Yes, it means that dishtv will continue to show 70+ channels as long as subscriber is active during the period of 5 years.

Q5. What is meant by an "Active subscriber"?

To enjoy Lifetime Free TV, subscriber has to remain active i.e. minimum recharge of Rs. 200 is required every 6 months on any base pack.

Q6. Where is the Lifetime Free TV benefit applicable?

The benefit is available only for customers residing in any of the following 4 cities –
Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata.

Q7. What is the exact count of channels being offered under the benefit of Lifetime Free TV?

Under Lifetime Free TV, 70+ channels will be shown which are roughly 50+ Video channels and 20+ Audio channels as on date. However, the list of channels may change.

Q8. Can I see the list of 70+ channels being offered?

70+ channels include DD channels, Hindi Entertainment, Hindi Movies, Music, News, Regional, Devotional, Lifestyle and 20+ Audio channels.

Q9. How many channels does Dishtv have and how can I enjoy them?

Dishtv offers 400+ channels and services. Keeping in mind the varied entertainment needs of our diverse subscribers, different packs are available from Rs.200-400pm. 
A subscriber is free to choose any base pack which suits his requirements the best. 

Q10. Can I subscribe to A-la-carte packs only with Lifetime Free TV?

Lifetime Free TV is not a base pack. No A-la-carte pack will be made available on Lifetime Free TV. Subscriber is free to subscribe/desubscribe any A-la-carte packs once he is on any base pack from Rs. 200-400pm.

Q11. Is Lifetime Free TV benefit applicable on all dishtv products?

This unique advantage is applicable only on dishtv Standard definition Set Top Box, Dish+ - Set Top Box with recorder and corresponding Multi TV offers. It will not be available on Dish TruHD+.

Q12. If I take more than 1 connection, will I get the benefit of Lifetime Free TV on all connections?

Yes, subscriber will get the Lifetime Free TV benefit in all connections (parent and child) provided the boxes are Standard Definition- with/without recorder.

Q13. How can I avail this benefit?

To avail the Lifetime Free TV, kindly contact your nearest dealer or call at 1860-180-3400 to place your order

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