Only BIS Approved Set-Top Box / Satellite Receiver would be able to sell in India by July 3, 2013

Only BIS Approved Set-Top Box / Satellite Receiver would be able to sell in India by July 3, 2013.

Now only BIS Approved Set-Top Box / Satellite Receiver would be Sell in India, if you are manufacturer of Set-top box or Direct importing from foreign then Stop Import products otherwise you may hard punish for against a regulation of BIS

According to a notification from the BIS Department, on 3rd April 2013, Some Electronics / It products categories would need to be registered with BIS for ensuring safety standards of products. On request of vendors/Manufacturers/importers, the deadline has been extended to July 3, 2013.

it will covered estimated 5000-7000 products will get impacted by the new regulation of BIS, so now in this categories is mandatory testing to these products in the BIS-recognized laboratories. By this regulation of BIS consumer will get safe / standard products.

The product categories falling under the regulation include;

  • ·         Video games,
  • ·         Laptops/notebooks/tablets,
  • ·         Plasma/LCD/LED televisions,
  • ·         Optical disc players,
  • ·         Microwave ovens,
  • ·         Printers,
  • ·         Scanners,
  • ·         Wireless keyboards,
  • ·         Telephone answering machines,
  • ·         Amplifiers,
  • ·         Music systems,
  • ·         Electronic clocks,
  • ·         Set top boxes,
  • ·         Automatic data processing machines, etc.

So it means if you are doing business in this categories/products, now you will have to register your product in BIS-recognized laboratories. Because  so many distributors who import products from Taiwan and China to either sell them under their own brand or the OEM brand. These products will now need BIS certification to be sold in India

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Source: BIS official Website