Can We Watch Free channels in existing DTH System? - Solved

Question: Can we Watch Free channels in existing DTH?
Answer:  We have two answers for this question. 

First Answer is "No"

Because at this time companies providing set-top box with Card and these cards are paired with Set-Top box so after end of your subscription, you will not able to watch any channel. This is for all Indian DTH expect DD Direct Plus.

Second Answer is "Yes"

You using any DTH and now you don't want to pay or have two TVs in same home and don't want to pay for both. so here is solution for you

1. Purchase any Free to Air Set Top box / satellite Receiver
2. If you have LCD/LED TV then you can purchase Free to Air HD Set top Box with PVR Function where you can record Live TV Programs.

3. Now remove your DTH Set-Top Box and Plug this Free to Air Set-Top box and Search with Blind Scan / Auto Scan.

4. You will get 65 Free to Air Channels, which are free and no need to pay for it.

5. Now you have done and enjoy free to air channels.

Note: If you are using Dish TV then you no need to align your Dish or if you are using other DTH then you have to rotate / Align Dish at 94 Degree East so you will get both satellite 93.5 and 95 degree.