Television Boxs getting challenge from Live Mobile TV Applications

New Delhi, 27th November 2013 / DTH News Team:    Recently launch of DTH mobile TV applications brings new challenges for television users, because some years ago families decide daily routine according to TV programs, but now who have Smart phones / Tablets they are free to watch TV program content anytime, anywhere in the world.

YouTube also recently start adding Indian Television content, when you will visit YouTube you will see YouTube channels with latest updated TV programs contents. Now on YouTube over 20,000 episodes of 300 programs available in many languages which are Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Bengali, Gujarati and Punjabi etc.
Television Box’s getting challenge from Live Mobile TV channels
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About popularity of mobile TV channels, now day by day all channels broadcaster trying to bring their Live TV content online, because this online content can be watch by mobile, desktop, laptop, & tablet users anywhere in the world. Just users need to activate their broadband or mobile connection as unlimited plan.

According to Mr. Vineet who are founder of ‘Upasana Internet TV’ said “Upasana Internet TV is not limited to watch only in India or via Television sets, even we are getting viewers from all over world. Because some families living outside of India but still they are also connected with culture of India through this Live TV channel.”

Latest demand of users Dish TV and TATA Sky, both DTH operators launched mobile TV applications for viewers who do have time to sit with Television boxes. These Live TV applications also available for iPhone & Google Play users, so next coming years “Internet Live Channels” will bring new taste of entertainment.

Why Importance of Live Mobile TV?
 A satellite TV channel cannot be watch outside of their coverage area but a mobile TV do not have any coverage boundation, So start access your favourite programs or Live TV programs anywhere in the world via Mobile TV applications.