Direct to Home Set-Top Box Portability System in India

Pradeep / New Delhi / 31/07/2014 : In India at this time 7 DTH providers which are providing services to consumers including DD Free dish. DD Free dish is Free-to-Air DTH Service and not using any encryption mode. But other DTH providers giving different-2 encryption technology, to their channels and services.

Because DTH Providers using different-different technology, so by this reason, DTH portability service not able to allow on all DTH service. for example if "A" DTH provider using Conex Card and its encryption and "B" DTH provider giving Irdeto card and its encryption so you cannot use same card to another set-top box because encryption technology is different.

Telecom Regulatory Authority thinking to provide Set-Top box portability service to all DTH consumers so that they can move service from one DTH to another DTH. Consumer just have to change their viewing card same as mobile sim-card.
I think this is only possible if all DTH operators use same encryption technology or CAM Module card or may be have to find any other solution. DD Freedish India's free DTH service also thinking to move its service to encryption mode and only BIS certified Set-top box users can view DD free dish channels. But this operation will take how much time, nobody knows.

DTH portability facility should be in India, because anybody can move one DTH operator without change equipments. But there is another problem that consumer have to fix DTH antenna at different satellite location according to DTH provider.

Direct to Home Portability System in India
Free to air Set-Top Box

Well, this is technology era and everything can be possible if we try on this thought. Till then we are already enjoying Digital quality, HD Picture and clear sound by using current DTH Set-Top box. At this time all DTH operators providing best services, offers, on-Demand movies, games and wide number of channels.

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