DD Free dish starts MPEG-4 Channels from April 2016

DD Free Dish is India's free direct to home service (DTH Service) now going to be add about 24 television channels in MPEG-4 mode.
DD Free dish starts MPEG-4 Channels from April 2016

According to Mr. CK Jain (Dy. Director General in Prasar Bharati) confirmed via official twitter handle that MPEG-4 channels will be start adding in April 2016, but all these channels would be encrypted by CAS. To watch these channels users’ need to buy CAS enabled MPEG-4 set-top boxes from authorized dealers.

After enabled CAS, DD Free dish will bring more television channels with value added services, he added.

But encryption means normal set-top boxes will not able to receive these channels (MPEG-4 Encrypted Channels); also there will not be any monthly subscription fee for these channels.

If you already using DD Free dish by any type of set-top box, no need to worry, because current television channels will remain unencrypted same as before. But you will not receive mpeg-4(encrypted) TV channels by your old set-boxes.

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