Independent TV (DTH) migrated "Freedom 1999" pack to the NEW "Mahabachat Pack"

Independent TV (DTH) migrated "Freedom 1999" pack to the NEW "Mahabachat Pack"

This is bad news for all Independent TV (DTH) viewers that Independent TV (DTH) has changed its highly popular "Freedom 1999" pack to "Mahabachat Pack" from 31st December 2018.

Independent TV (DTH) “Home channel” scrolling following information:
Freedom 1999 offer is not available to new customer from Dec 30, 2018 onwards as per the new TRAI rules. As an existing customer, we will help you MIGRATE from the existing "Freedom 1999" pack to the NEW "Mahabachat Pack" at no extra cost. Channel list available to you will get suitably modified. Continue to enjoy the great INDEPENDENT TV viewing experience.
Independent TV (DTH) migrating "Freedom 1999" pack to the NEW "Mahabachat Pack"

As per confirmation from Independent TV customer service, know what difference between both packs:
Under "Freedom 1999" pack
1 Year FREE Pay Channels
5 Year FREE FTA Channels

After TRAI rule implementation:
Under "Mahabachat Pack"
5 Year FREE FTA Channels
Buy one by one Pay TV channels as per Ala-a-carte Price announced by broadcaster. (Ala-a-cart Price list already available on Independent TV (DTH) website)
Buy Channel Bouquet as announced by broadcaster.

Although for more detail of "Mahabachat Pack" pack or verify this information, please contact to Independent TV (DTH) customer service, because it is not official update.

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