Have you remember about Home TV Channel?

Home TV was an Indian TV channel that offered Hindi language programs. On this channel, Chinese martial arts-rich serials were shown by dubbing Hindi, due to which the channel was very famous in India-Pakistan. If you had a C-Band dish or cable TV installed between 1996 and 1999, then you must have seen this channel.

Home TV aired in 1996 but stopped airing in 1999 due to financial reasons. Home TV was a very special channel for me at that time because all its programs were very good. And the biggest thing at that time was the first channel to show programs at international level.

Home TV was a competition channel for Zee TV, Star Plus and Sony TV during that time. Because there were not many channels available. I remember that when I had a cable connection, only 8-10 channels used to come because my television set was also in black and white. But my cable TV used to play only 8-10 TV channels.

Some of which are channels -
  • Home tv
This is old logo of Home TV
  • DD-1
  • DD-2
  • ATN
  • Local VCR Channel 1
  • Local VCR Channel 2

  • Sony TV
This is old logo of Sony TV
  • Zee tv
This is old logo of Zee TV

Home TV was started by TV India Limited and Hindustan Times, Carlton Media London, TVB Hong-Kong were the major stakeholders. Home TV channel family had made a place among children, but the elders of our house were not so interested. They used to say that the mouth is moving apart and the voice is something else. There will be other reasons due to which this channel was discontinued in 1999. But the channels with them are making a place at number one today.

Here are Home TV serial or programs list

The zu mountain saga
The legend of condor heroes
The other side horizon
Brother under the law
Count Dakkula
Victor and hugo
Juwaan Sambhal ke (season 2)
Kabhi Idhar, Kabhi Udhar
Panther-The Detective
old home tv shows, zu mountain saga

home tv kung fu serials in hindi dubbed

This was the biggest reason for me to miss this channel because I really liked this channel very much in childhood. Because we also saw international programs of that time in Hindi on home TV in India for the first time.

By Sheelu