Zing Digital Super FTA Box - Watch Free TV Channels without Recharge

If you want to watch free TV channels as well as one or two Pay-TV channels of your choice, then now your wish will also be fulfilled. Because through Zing Digital you will not only be able to watch all the free TV channels available on DD Free Dish, as well as other free TV channels available on the Dish TV platform, that too without any monthly recharge. (if you don't take pay channel)

How to get Free TV Channels with Zing Digital Super FTA Box -

All you have to do is buy Zing Digital Super FTA Box from the market, after that, you have to activate Zing FTA Pack by calling customer care. Your box will show Activate for one year, as soon as the expiry date comes next year, it will be activated again for a further year. Verify this information with customer care.

What is the cost of Zing Digital Super FTA Box?

You will get this box in the market from Rs.850 to Rs.900. But keep in mind this price will be applicable only for box, Installation, dish antenna, and other accessories not included in this package.

Zing Digital A box in which you give you EXTRA Free Channels

Which channels will you get -

The Zing Digital Super FTA Box is a box of MPEG-4 technology. In this, you will get DD Free Dish's MPEG-2, MPEG-4, Educational TV Channels, Radio Channels, etc., as well as other free-to-air TV channels of all languages ​​​​of Dish TV. In which Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam,

These are some of the other free-to-air channels as follows. There are TV channels like Box Cinema, Cinema TV, Wow Cinema One, A1 News Rajasthan, TV9 Kannada, Rang TV, Rplus Bangla, etc.

Why is this box better than the DD Free Dish box?

This box is better than the box of DD Free Dish because around 250 free TV channels are available in it. Which is more than that. After that, you can watch Pay TV channels by recharging as many as you want in it. Like, suppose IPL is going on then you can get the sports channel activated for that month.

Or suppose you want to watch the latest, first-release movie, then you can activate Zee Multiplex. Or take any service. In this, you will never be forced or pressured by the company.

So will the network capacity fee also have to be paid in this?

Whenever you get a pay-TV channel activated, an extra Rs 10 is charged in it, which is the network capacity fee. Suppose the MRP of a TV channel is Rs 2, then it will cost you Rs 12 along with additional tax.

But no other DTH service is providing so many options, when you want then watch the pay channel otherwise it is working like a free box. If the company makes this box for lifetime free, then it is quick that it can replace the box of DD Free Dish, there is no doubt about it.

You can check the zing super fta box free channel list from here. You can compare Zing Super FTA Box Price online from here.