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How to install Free to air Receiver in Home

With the Free to air receiver connected to any satellite dish, you are able to receive unscrambled programming not only from Europe, Asia, but from around the world. This is an exceptional option if you don't want to pay a monthly service required by most cable or satellite providers. Free to air satellite receivers are not issued by a specific service company, however, so you do need to install the equipment yourself.

  • Connect the coaxial cable running down from the satellite dish into the "In" port on your Free to air satellite receiver. Tighten the cable onto the receiver by turning it clockwise. This ensures it does not disconnect while connected to the receiver.

  • Insert the component video cables into the "Component Output" ports on the satellite receiver, then attach the opposite ends of the cables into the "Component In" ports on the television system.

  • Connect the RCA audio cables into the "Audio Output" ports on the Free to air satellite receiver, then plug the opposite ends of the cables into the "Audio In" ports on your television.

  • Power on the FTA satellite receiver and the TV, then choose the "Input" option and select "Component Video." The satellite content now loads onto the television's screen.

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1 comment :

  1. Sir,
    I am using 'solid HDS2 2100' receiver.I am a regular visitor of your website. Being interested in dxing I have been able to receive Ku band channels from 15 satellites including Turksat 2a and telstar 18. I could not receive channels from intelsat 906 as this receiver does not support symbol rates higher than 45000. Further there was no audio for some channels having AAC audio. Some channels from asiasat 3s and DD HD(2nd audio) have AAC audio encoding. The manual of the receiver indicates that it supports AAC.
    I want to know whether this problem is only with my receiver or all receivers of this make and model have it?
    Is there any software update possible to solve the symbol rate problem?
    I hope that you would spare a little of your precious time to provide me some guidelines in this regard.


    M. Shakeel
    Distt. Rajouri, J&K India


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