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How to Recover Dead Skybox Openbox by Using Serial RS232 Cable PC to STB Flash

Dear Friends,

if your Box is Dead / Does not display on or not respond. But now you don't worry, you can Flash Software by using this tricks and software..

You will need to use this tool and connect a Serial RS232 Null Modem Cable to the box and follow the given below instructions.
Hopefully it will bring your box back to life.

How to Recover Dead Skybox Openbox by Using Serial RS232 Cable PC to STB Flash

Your instructions:-

First Download given below attached file which contents "Software Upgrade tool and Openbox Software "

1. Connect up your PC to the Openbox
using a null modem serial cable.
2. Switch the box OFF
3. Run EromUpgrade.exe then check the
com port setting is correct
4. Select the latest firmware .abs file. (already included in folder)
5. Select "next" then switch ON the box
and follow the instructions to load
and flash burn the firmware.
6. If the process does not start, try
various time combinations of switching
the box ON after selecting "next"
7. Don't switch the power off or disconnect
while the download & flash is taking place.

Now you box will be restart, and you will back life of your box. please ask question if you still facing any other problem.

Please download upgrade tool from here

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