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Specifications for Dual Band Satellite LNB ( C-Band + Ku-Band )

HD Ready Dual Band Satellite LNB ( C-Band + Ku-Band )

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This C/KU band LNB reception from this high gain, high stability, low noise C/Ku LNBF.  Uses 22KHz switching.  This LNBF can be used on 4DTV / 1080p by running two coaxes from the receiver to the LNBF
 Can be used with both C band and Ku band
C & Ku band LNBF can be used in all Over the world .
Receiving all single and dual polarized C-band and Ku-band satellite signals
Receiving horizontal and vertical signal
Excellent DRO and gain flatness
Qualified for working in harsh environments
Superior low noise performance

SpecificationsC-Band LNBKu-Band LNBF
Input Frequency Range3.4~4.2GHz10.7~11.7GHz
Input Reflector TypePrime FocusPrime Focus
F/D Ratio0.28~0.420.6
Conversion Gain65dB(Typ.)55dB(Typ.)
Gain Flatness±1.0dB/36MHz±4dB Over Band ±1dB/54MHz
Cross Pol. Isolation20dB(Typ.)20dB(Min.)
Image Rejection50dB(Min.)40dB(Min.)
L.O. Frequency5150MHz9750MHz
L.O. Stability
±1.0MHz@ 25°C
±2.5MHz@-40°C~ +60°C
±1.0MHz @25°C
±3.0MHz@-40°C ~ +60°C
L.O. Phase Noise
-60dBc/Hz(1KHz Offset)
-85dBc/Hz(10KHz Offset)
-95dBc/Hz(100KHz Offset)
-50dBc/Hz(1KHz Offset)
-75dBc/Hz(10KHz Offset)
-95dBc/Hz(100KHz Offset)
Output Frequency Range950 ~1750MHz950~1950MHz
Pout Power(at 1dB gain Compression)0dBM(Min.)0dB(Min.)
Return Loss Output10dB8.0dB(2.3:1)
Output Connector75Ω F-Type Female75Ω F-Type Female
Polarization selectionH:16~18V    V:12~14.5VH: 16~18V     V: 11~14V
DC Current Consumption100mA(Max.)100mA(Typ.)  120mA(Max.)
Operating Temperature-40°C~+60°C-40°C~+60°C

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  1. This is very good post for those who want to receive or hunt two sats c band as well as ku band on single dish to get maximum channels. By using this there is no need to buy two antennas or worry about the polarity of the channels.


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