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DD Direct Plus DTH Added again " Dabangg TV"

Dabangg TV now added on DD Direct Plus DTH Platform

Platform - DD Direct Plus
Transponder - 11150
Pol- V
Symbol Rate - 27500
Format - MPEG-2 / DVB-S

Now DD Direct Plus users will miss given below programs...

Time      Schedule
12.00 Am             Khauff New
12.30 Am             Shrimaan Shrimati
1.00 Am                Madam Ki Pathshala
1.30 Am                BAHUT KHOOB
2.00 Am                Khauff New
2.30 Am                BAHUT KHOOB
3.00 Am                Madam Ki Pathshala
3.30 Am                Bahut Khoob
4.00 Am                Geet Gata Chal
4.30 Am                Geet Gata Chal
5.00 Am                BHAKTI SAGAR
5.30 Am                BHAKTI SAGAR
6.00 Am                BHAKTI SAGAR
6.30 Am                BHAKTI SAGAR
7.00 Am                Jai Jag Janani Maa Durge
7.30 Am                Madam Ki Pathshala
8.00 Am                BAHUT KHOOB
8.30 Am                Bahut Khoob
9.00 Am                Dil Se
9.30 Am                Dil Se
10.00 Am             Dil Se
10.30 Am             Dil Se
11.00 Am             Dil Se
11.30 Am             BAHUT KHOOB
12.00 Pm              Madam Ki Pathshala
12.30 Pm              Balika Vadhu
1.00 Pm                Keemat (Dabangg DOPEHAR)
1.30 Pm                Keemat (Dabangg DOPEHAR)
2.00 Pm                Keemat (Dabangg DOPEHAR)
2.30 Pm                Keemat (Dabangg DOPEHAR)
3.00 Pm                Keemat (Dabangg DOPEHAR)
3.30 Pm                Keemat (Dabangg DOPEHAR)
4.00 Pm                Jai Jag Janani Maa Durge
4.30 Pm                Ek Hi Raasta (Dabangg MASALA)
5.00 Pm                Ek Hi Raasta (Dabangg MASALA)
5.30 Pm                Ek Hi Raasta (Dabangg MASALA)
6.00 Pm                Ek Hi Raasta (Dabangg MASALA)
6.30 Pm                Ek Hi Raasta (Dabangg MASALA)
7.00 Pm                Ek Hi Raasta (Dabangg MASALA)
7.30 Pm                Balika Vadhu
8.00 Pm                Jai Jag Janani Maa Durge
8.30 Pm                Dil Se
9.00 Pm                Dil Se
9.30 Pm                BAHUT KHOOB
10.00 Pm              Bahut Khoob
10.30 Pm              Balika Vadhu
11.00 Pm              Madam Ki Pathshala
11.30 Pm              DHIN KA CHIKA

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