How To Upgrade Or Flash Skybox Receiver, Openbox Receiver, Hibox Receiver, Orton Box Satellite Decoder Using Serial RS232 Null Cable

i. First, get a null modem cable and connect to the RS232 ports of both the PC and decoder.
ii. Then, download the EromUpgrade.exe and launch it.
iii. When comes to main menu, enter the port (Com 1, 2 or etc), bit rate as ‘115200’, operate mode as ‘Upgrade’ and browse to the correct firmware file (.abs or .bin) with a tick on ‘Bootloader’ box.
iv. With the decoder in Off state, press ‘Next’ button on the screen and turn On the decoder. Follow the instruction on the screen with progressive bar indicating the percentage of completion.

Once done, you should be able to get a new firmware loaded into decoder and hopefully this will able to help you recovering from any hang issue related to software/firmware.