How will DVB-T2 become popular then DTH?

New Delhi/ Sandeep: This is very good news that India is moving to latest technology in Television industry.
In December 2004, Doordarshan has launched DD Direct Plus at that time it was very big surprise for
Indian viewers because they could watch Live TV channels direct from satellite or without any cable
connection. On that time Prasar Bharati has started only 30 channels but that was a wonderful start
of Direct to home service in India.
How will DVB-T2 become popular then DTH?

Now in same way Doordarshan has announced to launch a latest technology called DVB-T2, by using
these technology viewers can watch Live HD Channels without any Dish antenna. It can also receive
by using Mobile, Laptop/computer, and tablet. So everybody waits for launch of this service.

If we see comparison between DVB-S and DVB-T2 then DVB-T2 is too better because

1. Channels can be broadcast from local station same as FM, so it’s good for regional companies
to advertisement on TV in their region or targeted area only.
2. It is easy to maintain or easy to installation, No heavy installation required.
3. TV channels can be enjoying when you are walking same as FM Radio by Mobile, Tablet, Laptop.
4. This is good for regional channels because they do not have to pay high carriage fees on DTH. They
can broadcast according to their reach.


SW / MW Radio (analogue)     =     FM Radio (Digital)
DVB-T (analogue)                     =     DVB-T2 (Digital)
Cable TV(analogue)                   =     DVB-S (Digital)

Well, lets see in near future what is going to do new by Prasar Bharati.