Where to Buy Zing Super FTA Box?

Zing Super FTA Box is available mainly your nearby, so you can search in Google Zing Super FTA Box near me. Although you can also zing super FTA Box Buy online.

A few offline dealers also sell their Zing Super FTA Box online. Zing Super FTA box is especially for regional free-to-air TV channels. If you want to watch regional FTA channels without any monthly subscription or recharge then you can buy this set-top box. There are no NCF charges.

You also have the option to subscribe pay TV channel whichever you like most. NCF charge will be included per channel wise. So there is a huge discount on Network capacity fees.

Where to Buy Zing Super FTA Box?

You can buy online, check the latest Zing Super FTA Box channel price list here.

You can buy from local dealers - Just search zing super FTA box near me

How to activate it? -

For activation of this box, you can visit the zing super FTA box official website. 

You can also send an SMS for activation.

Type in your message box { Zing ACT <VC No.> <Name>} send it to 57575.

You can check more about activation from here.

How many TV channels you will receive? -

You will receive 200+ FTA channels without any recharge for 2 years, after that you can again subscribe to Zing super FTA Pack or Plan, to get continued FTA viewing benefits.

You can check Zing Super FTA Box Channel List 2022 here.

Where to Buy Zing Super FTA Box?

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