Pakistani Hateful Propaganda Busted & Vidly TV Banned

After an order by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India, Pakistan's OTT platform, which used to run for anti-India people, has now banned Vidly TV in India.

Why was banned?

As you know that the terrorists of Pakistan have now become Hitech. Now, instead of infiltrating the border, they are infiltrating the minds of the people of India through the internet. Knowing this, India is such a peace-loving country that to date it has not attacked any country before. India considers the world as one family.

But terrorists have adopted many ways to break India on the Internet, such as creating fake pages in the name of any journalist, student, or Dalit organization of India and inciting people against the government. These terrorist groups post any criminal incident in India by linking it to religion or casteism.

Talking about Vidley TV, it has now left behind any foreign propaganda. It was broadcast by making an anti-India series on Vidly TV and it was being promoted through social media through their sleeper sales on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Telegram accounts among the people of India.

(Sleeper Sales means - Small Example - who are happy to burst crackers even when India loses only in a match)

Vidly TV Started Sevak the confession Web Series in the name of True events which found Hateful Propaganda against India. India Govt blocks Pakistan-b

According to the Hindustan Times report, according to IT Rule 2021, MIB has blocked Pakistan's OTT platform Vidly TV's Smartphone Android App, its website, Smartphone iOS App, Smart TV App and four social media accounts per IT Rule 2021 after showing anti-India content. .

The ministry said that this decision was taken after the channel's content was found to be harmful to the national security, sovereignty, unity, and integrity of the country.

There is so much disgusting content in the web series that we cannot even tell it. If you are a patriot, you will not tolerate it. In this, there was an insult to our Sikhs, schedule cost, the Indian flag, and false incendiary drama.

It was also said in the order of the government that the simple purpose of this web series is to create hatred among the people of India.

So if you watch foreign content then you can send your children or family on the wrong or anti-national path, because children follow elders.