Dish TV offering now HD Channels at cost of SD Channels

et stadium-like clarity with the all-new DishHD Annual plans. Say goodbye monthly recharges! Dish TV running campaign on Face book for new Dish TV HD. As per offer now you can get Dish TV HD channels at cost of SD channels means at Rs.255 per month only.
Dish TV offering New DishTVHD at Rs.255 per month

Here are some best benefits:
Get stadium-like clarity with the all-new DishHD Annual plans.
This cricket season, get 5x picture clarity automatically!
No monthly recharge hassle. Pay once, and enjoy for the whole year
Includes Sports pack worth Rs. 84 per month
Get the best of family and sports entertainment with Gold Club HD
1 year warranty on new Dish NXT HD boxes!
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If you want more information about this offer, contact directly to Dish TV at 18005321000

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